Metal Pre-Treatment


Alkaline cleaners are designed for removal of organic impurities like oil, grease and dust from the substrate.

  • Alkaline Degreasing Compound
  • Low Temperature Degreasing Compound
  • Aqueous neutral cleaner, applicable in spray and manual cleaning process
  • Derusting solution
  • Deoxidizing product for aluminium / alloys/ liquid, chromium free product

The range of products required to activate the surface, prior to phosphating. It is a suspension of colloidal titanium which influences compact, fine, micro crystalline and uniform phosphate coating with shorter treatment time.

  • Titanium Phosphate Base Activating Compound for Dip / Spray Zinc Phosphate process.
  • Surface Conditioning Compound
Phosphating Chemicals

Phosphating prepares the surface for painting or extrusion by providing uniform phosphate layer on substrate by conversion process. The phosphated surface will have good corrosion resistance properties and can be used as a base for paint.

  • Phosphating Solution.
  • Combined degreasing and iron phosphating agent
  • specially formulated product for treatment of hot dipped or electro plated zinc surface.
  • Acidic Phosphating Agent for Manganese Phosphate Coatings in Immersion Processes.

The final rinse in the surface treatment process used for sealing the phosphate coating and eliminating effects of hard water salt, which enhances the overall corrosion resistance property of the treated surface.

  • Specially formulated rinse based on Chromic acid.
  • Chromium-free final rinse for phosphate coatings.
  • Cold Zinc Phosphating Compound
  • Acidic Phosphating

Lubricants are substances used to reduce friction. Primary function of use is to prevent metal to metal contact in tooling, dies or finished components. Examples of use include bearing applications, metal forming or metal removal. Lubricants can be petroleum based or water-based.

  • Various range of lubricants
  • Customized products as per applications.

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